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 Price   FREE 
Number of name
variations to search
 2     6   20 
Number of 'this is me' links that can be shown on
Profile Page
 10     50   1000 
 Number of profiles for your Repio page  1   Up to 3 Up to 10
 Customizable RSS Feeds and Datasources   10     50   Unlimited 
Scan internet for new links containing your name and be notified via email Manual    Weekly   Daily 
 PDF archive and storage of web pages   None     20   100 
Ability to search Repio's Public Profiles for links claimed           
Ability to add comments to your links before they are opened           
Ability to add links to your Profile, even if they do not contain your name           
 Customizable search phrase rules/keywords            
Ability to share relevant comments from third parties           
Public or private sharing of your Repio Profiles           
 Customizable Link Category Labels            
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