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Social Media and the HR Process

August 04, 2014 - Neil Cox

A recent Forbes article stated that the #1 Tip for new job seekers is to have a "strong internet presence". Even some of the top Executive Search firms have instructed their clients that they no longer accept Resume's only access to your online accounts. And because the internet records everything and forgets nothing, many states have made it illegal to ask a prospective employee for access to their social media accounts.

To solve this dilemma, Repio was created which allows not only a customer to have a strong internet presence but to be proactive with it to set themselves apart from others seeking the same opportunity. Our Beta customers quickly learned that a Repio Profile accomplished what no other social media site could which was to:

First, enable everything about your career and accomplishments to be discovered on the first or second page of a simple internet search of your name which you control

Second, use third party links and comments to tell your story making it much more relevant and believable

Finally, enable you to share your internet identity demonstrating a since of pride in your own personal brand

Repio is the only patented site that lets you construct an Internet Identity that can be customized to meet whatever your needs are. Whether it is a simple introduction prior to a first time meeting or someone making their internet presence so strong that it leads to opportunities far beyond those available by any other site. A Repio Profile will someday be the replacement of the Resume' and the only viable means to announce your internet presence.

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